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Luxury property in Croatia


Croatian Villas

It now seems that luxury property in Croatia sales are very much on the increase which is good news for those owners who have been holding out for what they consider to be a fair price for their property. The only problem now is bringing buyers and sellers together as the seller still thinks he should be getting a huge discount and the vendor not being prepared to sell for some of the ridiculous offers being made by prospective purchasers who have been reading too many doom and gloom articles which have no bearing on the real market place.


We primarily sell luxury Croatian property in three main areas Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and Dalmatia North in Split, Hvar and Zadar. We have also experienced big increases in enquires for upmarket villas in Dalmatia south.


If we first look at the Dalmatia area here is the biggest problem between reality and price expectancy of the would be buyers. The truth of the matter is once you start to get over 700,000 Euros there isn’t a real oversupply of high quality villas and frontline beach apartments and therefore these prices have stayed pretty stable. There is always exceptions to these circumstances but the reality is that the heavy discounts are really on properties up to 600,000 Euros. However now the more serious buyers have entered the market and know a good deal when they see one hence why sales are now on the increase


Dalmatia Luxury Villas

If we look at luxury property for sale in Dalmatia here this is already close to a completely flat market with no real discounts. Croatian   Properties had their best year ever in Dalmatia in 2010 bringing buyers and sellers together followed by their worst year ever in 2011 as vendors refused to sell at discount prices anymore. However 2012 the buyers now realize that Dalmatia is a luxury lifestyle choice and a very sound place to make a luxury property investment.


Luxury Villa in Dalmatia

Finally we take a look at Luxury Dalmatia property for sale especially in Dalmatia North where interest is very much on the increase especially in the golden triangle of Split, Hvar  and Zadar. Here most buyers have always been aware that the North doesn’t have the same oversupply issues of the south and is very similar to Dalmatia in that buyers know a good deal when they see one. So overall the luxury property in Croatia market is very positive and now the serious buyers are entering the market more deals are getting done.

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