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Investment property in Croatia

Croatian Buy to let property
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The types of properties mentioned above are currently enjoying very high guaranteed rental return and strong capital growth.
Why buy Investment property in Croatia?


In many European countries including Croatia, the percentage of people who rent property as opposed to purchasing property is much higher than in the UK. Croatia currently has a huge demand for good quality long term rental properties. If the right property is purchased then the guaranteed returns on investment are in the region of 6.5% net p/a - plus strong capital growth.
Can any property make guaranteed return on investment?


No. Many properties are not suitable for guaranteeing rental return. There are a variety of legal guarantees that will protect your investment but choosing the right investment is crucial.
Which areas are suitable for Buy to Let propertyinvestment?

Good investments can be made in large towns and cities throughout Croatia. The market for good quality rental and investment property is considerably less in the rural areas and smaller towns of Croatia. Securing finance and mortgages in Croatia is now easier than ever before.
How can I find out more?


Please click on one of the links above to view investment properties for sale in Croatia.
You can also read our guide to Croatian Investment Properties on our new website.

Discover the largest selection of properties for sale in Croatia

Rural retreats, city apartments, old character properties, buy-to-let investments. Croatia Property Shop brings you the widest selection of Croatian Property from many of the leading agents and immobiliers.
From the glamour of the Croatian Riviera to the rustic charms of Dalmatia, Croatia is a country with an incredible variety of landscapes. Property in Croatia ranges from the traditional to the luxury - with everything in between.
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