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Croatian Property Market

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So for those who are looking at Croatian property investment or just buying a holiday home in Croatia in 2012 a rule change will that almost went unnoticed could well change your plans for the buying in Croatia this year.
Ever wondered what it would look like to own a property in Croatia? Don´t know much about the market and if the time is right to invest? Ever since the property market has opened to the foreign buyers, thousands of foreign property investors may tell you that you had already missed your chance. It is now the time to tell you that they were wrong. This artcile will give you a brief realistic insight in the current situation on Croatian second/holiday homes market. This hidden little Mediterranean gem, whose EU ascension is scheduled for 2012, may be the right place for you. The best way to start is to bring 2008 – 2009 statistics as those two years were the most distressful for all the property markets.


Where to buy and should I expect futher price adjustments?

Assuming that most of the Croatia estate newsletter readers are interested in a second/holiday homes  concentrate on the coastal areas of Istria and Dalmatia.

The answer to the main question raised in the subtitle is very simple – a good catch is hard to find and if you do, be sure that it has also been found by numerous other buyers and the property will be off the market quicker than you can imagine. Foreign buyers often do not have months to spend searching around, so the main point is to look for fairly priced properties and to respect a few well known tips, such as:


Location. If you are looking for an apartment, do not buy one on isolated location without amenities and good transport connections to major towns and airports just because it is less expencive. If you were the owner, put yourself in the shoes of prospective buyer in the future and think if you would want to spend your holidays there or own that property as one day you may whish to sell it. An exception to this rule may apply to exclusive properties, seafront estates and family houses on islands.
So if you’re looking at investment property in Croatia or a Croatian holiday home please bear in mind to allow that extra time in your schedule.
Croatian property investment
investment property in Croatia

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